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KODI Academy Training Center provides professional training in permanent make-up tattoo for both the beginners and the professionals.

For whom the professional permanent make-up courses are meant

Permanent make-up or tattoo is one of the most demanded services in beauty salons. Professionalism of the master and his/her skills of work with tools and materials for tattoo - these are guarantee of excellent result of the procedure the clients are satisfied and pleased with.

Are you taking the first steps towards a new profession? Have you already successfully mastered it and have a substantial number of regular clients who are satisfied with your work? Anyway, we invite you for the permanent make-up training in Cyprus. This area of the beauty industry is rapidly developing on a par with others, so even the professionals of the highest category need to be in the trend of new technologies and materials.

Attending the tattoo courses in Cyprus, you will increase your qualification level, as well as learn new techniques of micropigmentation.

Permanent make-up master classes format

Tattoo training is provided depending on your level of knowledge and experience. Classes are divided into two categories: for the beginners and for the masters who want to improve their qualification level.

Regardless of the selected program, the permanent make-up training is provided in several stages:

  • Introductory theoretical part. Permanent tattoo training involves studying the basics of safety, the rules for instruments preparation, organization of a workplace, application of anesthesia, as well as preparation of materials for tattoo application. Recommendations are given by the certified tattoo masters.
  • Demonstration part. Trainer visually demonstrates the technique or the micropigmentation procedure for the beginners. In the process of work, necessary explanations and comments on the selection of the needle speed, angle of the hand, strength of pressure on the skin, depth of pigment introduction are provided.
  • Practical part. In this part eyebrows tattoo course is based on practicing of acquired skills and knowledge. Experienced masters practice the mastered tattoo techniques on the models, and the beginners apply the permanent make-up to latex simulators.

Permanent make-up courses are different in duration. Thus, a master class devoted to one technique, for example, Permanent Make-up in Smoky Eyes Technique, lasts 6 hours. Duration of introductory master class is 2-4 hours. Permanent make-up courses for the beginners last 46-48 training hours. Maximum duration of the training course is up to 6 days.

The cost of training is determined by the chosen course, the number of hours in it and the complexity of the technique taught, as well as the materials used in the training process.

Tattoo courses in KODI Academy: training program

Depending on the master class chosen, a permanent make-up course will be conducted as a part of the beginners training or within the frame of an advanced training complex for the experienced masters. Both programs include a demonstration part and a practical part.

Benefits of the professional training in permanent make-up

  • Individual approach. The program is formed based on your knowledge and experience, as well as the goals that you set for it.
  • Use of quality materials and tools by KODI PROFESSIONAL in the process of training.
  • Extensive theoretical course from which you will learn how to determine the proportions of a client's face, how to choose the eyebrows shape, how to determine the depth of pigment penetration, and how to disinfect tools properly.
  • Study of innovative tattoo techniques, the latest materials.
  • Adequate number of hours of practical work under the guidance of certified masters

What you need for participation in the permanent make-up master class

In order we could prepare a workplace for you and develop a program that is optimally adapted to your level of knowledge and experience, we kindly ask you to fulfill a few simple conditions:

  • Leave an application through the registration form on the website of the Training Center, indicating the eyebrow tattoo courses you are interested in.
  • Pay for your participation in the training process so that the masters can prepare a workplace, latex simulators, tools and materials for you.
  • Purchase tools meant for the personal use. A list of the necessary tools is provided in the description of the course programs on the official website of the Kodi Style Studio Training Center.

In our showroom, you can purchase everything you need for practicing knowledge gained and further work, using a 25% discount provided to you as a student of the eyebrow tattoo training course.

Diploma on completion of the courses

 After completion of the permanent make-up course our school of permanent make-up in Cyprus provides all the students with a diploma confirming the knowledge gained with indication of the name of the course, as well as the format of training and the assigned qualifications. This document confirms your level and qualifications. With such a diploma you can work as a certified specialist.

Permanent make-up course is a professional program, developed by experienced masters of our Training Center. With a diploma on completion of our courses, you can rely easily on employment in prestigious salons or on successful start of your own salon.

A diploma confirming successful completion of the permanent make-up course is a working tool that will bring you various professional achievements.

Where the permanent make-up courses in Cyprus take place

We are waiting for you at the KODI Academy Training Center at the address: CYPRUS ANDREA DIMITRIOU 5, 7060, LIVADIA.

Do you want to improve your qualifications, get the latest information on innovations in tattoo, gain additional professional skills or master another profession? Training Center will open new horizons for you!