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What you need to know about the eyelash extension course in KODI Academy

Today, the procedures for eyebrows tinting and modeling, eyelash extension and bio curling form a separate direction in the beauty industry, which is constantly updated with the emergence of new techniques and materials. That is why it is so important to attend systematically special courses and master classes that will help to be always aware of the latest innovations and improve your level of professionalism. Eyelash extension courses in Cyprus for the beginners and the practicing masters are conducted by certified instructors, trainers and technologists of the Kodi Company.

Benefits of professional training in eyelash and eyebrow extension

Having made the decision to sign up for the Eyelash Extension or Eyebrow Tinting and Modeling courses, you need to determine which format of classes is appropriate for you. To start your new profession on the basis of professional knowledge and confident handling of materials and tools, it is better to choose professional courses on eyelash extension. Here you are guaranteed to get a basic knowledge on correct performance of procedures with eyebrows and eyelashes, with a possibility to consolidate them in practice and get valuable advice from the experienced masters. The KODI Academy Training Center provides eyelash extension courses at the highest level, taking into account the following parameters:

  • Specially developed program for each training course is aimed at an individual approach to each student, based on the availability of basic knowledge and practical skills.
  • Usage of quality materials and tools by KODI PROFESSIONAL for tinting, extension and bio curling of eyelashes, as well as modeling the correct shape of the eyebrows.
  • Much attention is paid to the theoretical part: study of the face proportions and selection of harmonious colors, correct determination of the eyelashes length depending on the client's natural data, proper sterilization of instruments and equipment of the workplace.
  • Training in eyelash and eyebrow extension using modern techniques. Acquaintance with new materials of various textures and specifics of working with them.
  • Training is provided by the experienced trainers with extensive practical experience in eyelash and eyebrow extension, modeling, curling and tinting. Their recommendations will help the students to learn new information faster and put into practice some of the nuances of working with materials and tools.
  • After the informational and demonstration part, all the techniques learnt are practiced by each participant on the models.

Programs and themes of courses in KODI Academy

You can choose any format of the eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling courses: both training from scratch for the beginners and advanced training masterclasses for the practicing masters. Comprehensive training is conducted in several major thematic areas:

  • Eyelash and eyebrow extension courses. Depending on the level of the participants’ skills, the eyelash extension using basic and new techniques is mastered in the classroom, the master makes recommendations on modeling the look with a different curve of the eyelashes and combination of eyelash curves.
  • Eyelash bio curling master class includes organization of a workplace and disinfection of tools, phased bio curling and bio fixation of eyebrows, formation of a natural curve depending on the length of natural eyelashes.
  • Eyebrows modeling and tinting. The trainer provides information about the eyebrow structure (visual demonstration on the diagrams), introduces the course participants with the necessary tools (tweezers, scissors) and the order of the eyebrows tinting using various techniques (henna, eyebrow dye). Eyebrows lamination technique (bio-modeling) technique is conducted by the trainer during the demonstrational part of the class.

For eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling master-classes the Kodi Company provides a complete set of necessary tools and professional products for eyelash and eyebrow by KODI PROFESSIONAL. For the participants in training activities, the cost of production on the day of the master classes will be lower (plus 15% to your cumulative discount). Discounted prices are valid for the entire range, except for the promotional items, for which a fixed discount is already indicated.