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For whom the professional make-up courses in KODI Academy are meant

Make-up training is quite a long and laborious process, requiring students to be goal-oriented, attentive and sincere in their favorite work. The purpose of mastering the perfect make-up secrets is different for each participant. Some plan to attend a make-up course for themselves, and other set a goal to work professionally with clients. Professional make-up courses from leading technologists of the KODI Academy Training Center are intended not only for inexperienced beginners who are just starting to master the basic techniques of work in the beauty Industry. Thanks to a tight program of the courses and focus on the modern techniques of work, the practicing masters can also attend our make-up courses to increase their professional level and qualifications.

What is included in our make-up courses program?

The program of each course has a certain structure, thanks to which the participants of the lesson have an opportunity not only to gain theoretical knowledge, but also to practice the material studied on the models. Training is provided with a detailed study of various textures of decorative cosmetics, professional tools and modern beauty gadgets. In the process of training, the technologist of the Kodi Company demonstrates the basic techniques of applying decorative cosmetics on the model, paying particular attention to an individual approach to each participant.

Make-up courses in KODI Academy: training format

Our Training Center provides the make-up courses based on a specially developed training program aimed at training the participants of the most diverse professional level: from the beginners to the masters with many years of experience. Format of the lessons depends on the level of training as well.

  • Masterclasses on working with different textures of decorative cosmetics with the basic techniques practicing on the model. Duration of training and saturation of the training program depends on the professional training level of the master class participants.
  • Introductory master classes on working with decorative cosmetics by KODI PROFESSIONAL are held in the format of a brief overview for both the professional make-up artists and the beginners who attend make-up courses for themselves.
  • The KODI Academy Training Center also organizes creative make-up courses in Cyprus, whose program involves preparation of the practicing make-up artists for participation in body art and artistic make-up competitions. A wide range of techniques for applying cosmetics allows the masters to show creativity and create true masterpieces.

Works of the courses participants

Make-up classes are necessary not only for professional activities or work with clients, because every girl should be able to emphasize her beauty in everyday life, and in order to do this properly you need to find professional makeup courses in Cyprus with an appropriate training program.

Advantages of the make-up courses by KODI PROFESSIONAL

Kodi Company is not just a team of the professionals, it is a real family. Therefore, coming to the courses you become a part of our team and get a unique opportunity to deep into magnificent atmosphere of beauty and bright colors. What are the benefits for each participant of the make-up courses in our KODI Academy Training Center?

  • Training is provided by the professional technologists, winners of the international competitions with many years of experience.
  • Professional portfolio for each participant if the make-up course involves practicing the techniques studied on the model and includes creating different images.
  • Diploma upon completion of training. Each participant receives a certified diploma confirming that she/he has completed the make-up course (with indication of the training format). Acquired skills and a diploma on completion of the professional course in our Training Center will allow you to work with clients as a certified professional, feeling much more confident and free.
  • Make-up master class in our Training Center is provided with the use of professional materials of the KODI PROFESSIONAL brand, therefore, in addition to the main training program, you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself and choose the most diverse textures of decorative cosmetics for work.
  • 15% additional discount on the day of the master class will please those who decided to take a makeup course at the KODI Academy Training Center.

What you need for participation in the make-up master class

Professional make-up courses require careful preparation and thoroughly planned working process, so there are several conditions for all the participants. Upon selection of the appropriate make-up courses we kindly ask you:

  • To pre-register for the course using a convenient registration form on the website, indicating the master class you are interested in.
  • To pay for training so that the masters can prepare a workplace and materials for you.
  • To have a set of the make-up brushes. You need to have all brushes that can be required for certain technique of the make-up application provided within the program of certain course. You can view the list of the required beauty-gadgets in the event description when registering for the course.

Cost of the training courses in Kodi Academy Training Center

When choosing the make-up courses in Cyprus, everyone is guided by their own criteria and most often the cost plays a decisive role in the final choice of the course. The cost of training depends on the classes format, because some introductory master classes take several hours, and professional training in the format of an advanced training course can take several weeks with a fairly tight schedule.

Whatever make-up course at our Training Center you choose, you can be sure - you will get the most useful information from true professionals and will be able to apply these skills in practice. The exact schedule of lessons and current prices for the make-up courses can be found in the description of each course on the website.

Where the courses take place?

Make-up master classes are held in our KODI Academy Training Center at the address: CYPRUS ANDREA DIMITRIOU 5, 7060, LIVADIA. In order to get a clear idea of where the training will be conducted, what benefits such training provides and other information necessary for participation, we offer you to watch an overview video in which the leading technologist on the make-up and visage training - Shtepa Yana - will tell in detail about the work of the Training Center and will take you for a short excursion around the class for the participants of the master class.

If you want to improve your professional level, expand your business with a more creative approach, or simply take makeup courses for yourself in Cyprus - do not waste time. Already equipped place with a full set of professional cosmetics for work in our Training Center is ready and waiting for you.