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Nail courses

For beginners
 Basic express course «Nail Start» (language ru)
33 hours
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For beginners
For masters
Вasic course of pedicure with the basic skills of podology (RU)
24 hours
Date of start
Cost of course
For beginners
Basic express course «Nail Start» (language en)
33 hours
Date of start
Cost of course
For beginners
For masters
Base course “Upper forms. 3D Art French” (RU/EN) Starting soon
8 hours
Date of start
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KODI Academy training center presents the professional nail courses for the beginners and the professionals.

For whom KODI Academy nail courses are meant?

Do you want to comprehend secrets of nail design or master acrylic or gel nails modeling? Do you wish to create masterpieces exclusively on your nails or plan to start a professional activity and work in the salon? Any way master classes on nail design, manicure and nail extensions are a must for you.

Nail courses training is provided in two directions:

  • Work with the beginners. Nail extension course for the beginners starts with the basic master classes on the fundamentals of polymeric materials application. Each stage of the selected modeling technology is consolidated in practice.
  • Work with the professionals. Even if you are already working successfully in the nail design industry and are familiar with the materials and technologies of modeling, our nail extension course will acquaint you with new trends and techniques, will help you to improve your skills.

Format of master classes in nail extension, gel polish coating and design

Training program includes several stages:

  • Introductory theoretical part about materials, tools, main stages of work.
  • Demonstration part.
  • Practicing studied techniques on tips.

We develop our training process taking into account the level of your training, selecting complexity of the techniques taught.

Duration of the nail extension training depends on the complexity of the technique you want to learn. For example, for mastering Chinese painting 2 days are required. While to learn the basics of the nail coating with gel polish just 3 hours are enough.

Training cost is determined by the theme volume, complexity of the performed techniques provided within the frame of the manicure courses, their amount and duration of the training program.

Nail design and extension courses in KODI Academy: training program

Choose appropriate training format based on your knowledge, experience and results you want to achieve:

  • Courses of manicure and nail coating with KODI PROFESSIONAL gel polishes. Within the frame of the training program, our trainers will teach you manicure as a hygienic procedure that prepares the nail plate for application of polymeric materials. This master class is designed for the future masters, just starting their professional path and those girls who prefer to care for their nails independently. You will also get acquainted with the rules of decorative coating application, get valuable experience and recommendations from the professionals for coating, removal of adhesive layer, work with degreaser and primer. All stages of training will be consolidated in practice.
  • Master classes in nail design with gel polishes and gel paints by KODI PROFESSIONAL. Depending on the technique of nail design offered by our trainers, classes of the nail service course are divided into classes for the beginning designers and a program meant for the experienced masters.

Attending the course you will comprehend the secrets of:

  • gel floristry;
  • decorative French design;
  • Chinese painting;
  • ombre techniques with its spectacular gradient transitions;
  • creation of lace.

Our trainers will teach you to apply thin lines, draw a smile line, the basics of different colors and shades combination. During the course you will learn how to work with dots, brushes, and other tools used in nail art.

Do not doubt implementing the knowledge gained during the courses in your work, as the training is provided by the certified masters of nail aesthetics.

Gel or acrylic nail extension courses

Within the frame of nail extension training 2 programs are provided. Gel Nail Modeling for the beginners and Gel System: French-Modeling for the practicing masters who want to improve their skills. During the training you will get acquainted with the new line of modeling gels EXPERT from the KODI Academy Training Center.

Benefits of the nail extension courses by KODI Academy

KODI Academy training center is a team of the professionals willing to share their experience and knowledge. Attending our courses, you will deep into the world of grace and beauty, get a unique opportunity to be in the same team with real gurus of nail design and many other advantages:

  • Training under the guidance of the professional masters, winners of international competitions.
  • Creation or completion of your professional portfolio with new examples of your work.
  • Courses on nails service are conducted with the use of the professional materials by KODI PROFESSIONAL brand, thanks to which you will become more familiar with their texture, color palette, and the basics of working with them.
  • Availability of discounts and bonuses for purchase of KODI PROFESSIONAL materials for all students

What you need for participation in nail extension master class

Training process requires careful preparation and planning, so we kindly ask you:

  • To leave an application for pre-registration through the registration form on the website, indicating the name of the nail extension course you are interested in.
  • To pay for training so that the masters can prepare a workplace and materials for you.
  • To take along the tools of the personal use. The list of the necessary tools is provided in the description of the course program on the official website of the KODI Academy Training Center. You can purchase all the necessary tools in our showroom and on the official website of the company, using the discount provided to you as a participant in the nail extension course.

Diploma on completion of the courses

After completion of the nail courses in Cyprus, you will receive a diploma with the name of the course, indicating the format of training. With a diploma confirming your level and qualification, you can work as a certified specialist.

Our nail extension course is a professional program. The diploma confirming its completion is appreciated by beauty salons. You can rely on employment in the most prestigious salons of our country.

Where the nail extension courses take place?

Nail extension training takes place in our KODI Academy Training Center at the address: CYPRUS ANDREA DIMITRIOU 5, 7060, LIVADIA.

If you want to improve your qualifications, get new knowledge, make new professional acquaintances or just learn how to create beautiful designs on your own nails - nail extension courses held in our Training Center are waiting for you!