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16 Jul 2024 - 16 Aug 2024

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Beauty academy in Cyprus

KODI Academy Training Center

Every day new technologies and products, aimed at improvement of women's beauty, appear in the world of hardware cosmetology, nail industry and decorative make-up. Therefore, a professional master should always be aware of fashionable novelties. Trainers of the KODI Academy are winners of international championships, certified instructors, teachers and developers of author's programs, leading technologists specializing in the main areas of the beauty industry:

  1. Nail aesthetics (gel and acrylic nail modeling, gel polish coating and nail art).
  2. Extension, tinting and bio curling of eyelashes.
  3. Modeling, tinting and biolamination of eyebrows.
  4. Permanent (hardware and manual) make-up - micropigmentation.
  5. Professional visage.

Thanks to their high professionalism and vast experience, after completion of our master classes and courses on nail aesthetics, visage, permanent make-up, eyelash extensions and eyebrow modeling, you will feel more confident as a professional, plunge into a relaxed creative atmosphere, and maybe even reconsider your hobbies.

Format of the master classes in the KODI Academy Cyprus

Depending on the availability of a basic level of knowledge and practical experience of the participants, classes are held according to the different training programs:

  • Demonstration master classes are held for informational purposes in order to acquaint our regular customers and the beginners with new products in the assortment or new product lines of KODI PROFESSIONAL. Professional technologists of the Kodi Company in the form of presentation acquaint the participants with peculiarities of new products, tools and equipment, as well as the nuances of their use in the work process.
  • Beauty courses for the beginners or those who wish to master their basic skills of applying make-up, nail coating with gel polish or eyebrow modeling for themselves consist of a theoretical introduction, a demonstration and a practical part. New techniques are practiced on the models (visage, eyebrow correction), on tips (nail aesthetics) or on special silicone simulators (permanent make-up).
  • Advanced training courses are held for the practicing masters of the beauty industry, who always need to be aware of new techniques in their work, as well as be able to use materials of various textures and consistency, special products and tools. In the process of training all the techniques are practiced on the models.

Peculiarities of training

Duration of the courses depends on the depth of the theme studied: some introductory master classes take several hours, and beauty courses for the professionals take up to several weeks. More complex techniques that require learning of a large amount of information are included in the program of longer courses. During the classes, you can always ask the trainer any question regarding the studied techniques, materials and possible errors in the work. Cost of the master classes also depends on the format of the event and is specified when registering for the course.