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Course “Nail Modeling WITHOUT FILING” (RU/EN)

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Come to the course without filing and we will teach you how to quickly extend the nails. Suitable for everyone, both masters and beginners. You should have your own brushes, tweezers for clamping nails, scissors for trimming templates (can be purchased at a discount on the day of the course at the Academy with a 25% discount). All other necessary materials are provided by the Academy. At the end of the course each student receives an international diploma. A 15% discount on the whole range of products (except for products with a fixed discount) is assigned to the student on a permanent basis. The student should independently find a model for the course. At the same time, the Academy contributes to the search for a model, but does not guarantee her availability. For enrollment in the group there is a prepayment of 50 euros.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

Course time – 10:00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m.

  • mechanical preparation of the nail plate
  • chemical preparation of the nail plate
  • nuances in working with different types of nails
  • quick scheme for cutting lower forms.
  • layout of material without overload
  • steps of work in no filing technique
  • fast and effective designs (ombre, aquarium)
  • form for practicing of your choice - square or almond.

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Teacher of course

Julia Yakimchuk
Julia Yakimchuk
about master

about master

A certified teacher of the Kodi Academy Training Center (Ukraine, Kiev) and the Kodi Academy Training Center (Cyprys, Larnaca).
Nails expert with over 10 years of experience.
Taught more than 5000 students.
Speaker of nail events.

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