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Every day, we’re girls, want to look attractive, stylish, natural and all this is desirable at the same time. What do we need for this? That's right, a lot of makeup and a lot of time. But, with the modern rhythm of life, we don’t have much time to create the perfect everyday makeup. We know how to help you!

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

You can choose a convenient time 9:00-10:30 or 16:30-18:00.

Theory: 1 hour.
1. Review of cosmetics in your cosmetic kit.
2. Individual selection of decorative cosmetics of Kodi Professional.
3. Taking care of decorative cosmetics.

Coffee break.

Practice: 1,5 hours. Practicing on yourself.
1.   Selection of an ideal shade of a foundation.
2.   What to choose: brush or sponge?
3.   How to correct the shape of the eyebrows?
4.   Highlighter, bronzer, concealer - how to use "IT" correctly.
5.   Blush and powder - if there’s a need to use them every day.
6.   Ideal eyeline for day makeup.
7.   Correction of the shape of lips with a pencil.

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Teacher of course

Yana Shtepa
Yana Shtepa
about master

about master

Make-up artist, stylist, brow expert.

Kodi Professional's brand manager for make-up.

Kodi Professional's leading instructor-technologist.

2019 WBF World Champion, Austria in the Special Award "Purple Brush Make-up" nomination - 2nd place.

2018 WBF World Champion, Austria in the Special Award "Purple Brush Make-up" nomination - 3rd place.

Certified trainer of the International Academy Kodi Professional (Ukraine, Kyiv) and the International Academy Kodi Professional (Cyprus, Larnaca) in the field of make-up.

International judge of make-up championships.

Author and developer of educational programs in the field of make-up.

Cooperation with TV, tabloids, photo studios.

More than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.

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