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Welcome to the exciting world of eye make-up, where every stroke of the brush transforms an ordinary look into a unique work of art! Our eye make-up course is a magical journey that will reveal to you many secrets and techniques so that your look is always bright and unique. You'll learn about the latest eye make-up trends, master classic styles and learn how to create your own unique looks. Bonuses: All consumables and materials for work (except brushes) are provided by the Academy. On the day of the course, a 25% discount on the purchase of materials is provided. At the end of the course, each student receives an international standard diploma, a nice gift by Kodi Professional and a 15% discount on products on an ongoing basis (except for products with a fixed discount). The master can bring their own brushes or buy them at the academy on the day of the course with a 25% discount.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

ith our course you will receive:

1. Detailed knowledge from professional make-up artists who will share their experience with you.
2. Practice sessions where you can try different techniques and styles on your own.
3. Step by step, we will teach you how to create unique images for various events - from everyday make-up to evening outings.
4. Particular attention is paid to the selection of make-up in accordance with the shape of the eyes, in order to surprise the client with new types of make-up every time.

With our course, you will no longer be afraid to experiment and will be able to easily emphasize your beauty and the beauty of your clients, will feel like a confident make-up master and give smiles and admiring glances around.

Do not miss the opportunity to enter the world of eye make-up magic and discover a new level of beauty and style!

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Teacher of course

Yana Shtepa
Yana Shtepa
about master

about master

Make-up artist, stylist, brow expert.

Kodi Professional's brand manager for make-up.

Kodi Professional's leading instructor-technologist.

2019 WBF World Champion, Austria in the Special Award "Purple Brush Make-up" nomination - 2nd place.

2018 WBF World Champion, Austria in the Special Award "Purple Brush Make-up" nomination - 3rd place.

Certified trainer of the International Academy Kodi Professional (Ukraine, Kyiv) and the International Academy Kodi Professional (Cyprus, Larnaca) in the field of make-up.

International judge of make-up championships.

Author and developer of educational programs in the field of make-up.

Cooperation with TV, tabloids, photo studios.

More than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.

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