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Of all our features, we love to show off the lips the most – shiny, pouty, inviting and perfectly colored. But what if your lips are thin, or unevenly proportioned? This technology can help to turn your mouth more attractive and full. The advantages of your lips will be emphasized; meanwhile the disadvantages will be hidden.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:


Theoretical part.

  • The organization of the workplace with the sanitary requirements, customer survey, preparation for the procedure.
  • Application anesthesia, features of its application in the lips.
  • Color, the definition of color type, especially the selection of tones of pigments for lips, especially the work of pigments for eyebrows from Kodi professional.
  • Vizazh: drawing a sketch of the lips, shaping and filling with color.
  • Common mistakes when permanent lip makeup.
  • Possible side effects and complications.
  • Care after the procedure.

12.00-12.30 - coffee break.


The practical part.

  • Equipment, choice of needle configuration. Features of the technique of spraying tone.
  • Features of pigments for spraying technique.
  • Development of techniques on a dummy. The rules for the transition of color intensity.
  • Features of pigments for spraying technique.
  • Testing technology on the model.

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