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"Powder eyebrows" Cource of permanent make up eyebrows for beginners

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Basic course “KODI PROFESSIONAL Permanent Make-up” Basic course for the beginners in the permanent make-up lasts 5 days and includes theoretical and practical parts. The course is meant both for the beginners in the field of the permanent make-up, and for the masters. Dear nail service masters, cosmetologists, make-up artists and beginners of the beauty industry. You have the chance to get the most sought-after profession in the beauty industry! Training Center "Kodi Style Studio" invites you to the basic training in permanent make-up from scratch. Our course is an enhanced training program that includes homework. The practice starts from the first day and alternates with a detailed theory. We provide only targeted information with our own developments and the secrets of the teacher. For successful learning, information is presented in the form of diagrams and algorithms in a special methodological book, which is easy to understand and quickly remembered. The teacher and the assistant monitor whether each student has learned and consolidated the theoretical knowledge and practical skills successfully. During the training, we provide all the necessary equipment and supplies by Kodi Professional, which allows each student to choose the device according to their preferences and usability. The teacher helps to develop and consolidate the skills of confident work and bring the uniformity of the stroke to the automatism. This is not easy, but vital to every master! For a beginner master, not only knowledge and skills are important, but also the strongest starting motivation. You will get it over and above. The teacher knows how to pick up the key to each student. Performance of final works on models is carried out under the strict control of the teacher and the assistant. We promptly help students to overcome fears and conduct online support for students in the international Viber group of the permanent make-up graduates of Inna Ovcharenko. Our graduates work in Europe, America, Canada, Israel, Dubai, etc. After all, a qualitatively performed permanent make-up procedure is popular on all continents! Kodi Professional is an international brand whose diplomas are appreciated all over the world. If you have decided to become a successful master of the permanent make-up, come to us.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:



 1st Day- 10.00 - 16.00 – Powder Brow.

Theoretical part:

1. Micropigmentation - history, terminology, legal framework.

2. Permanent make-up as an aesthetic procedure. Price and profitability of the service.

3. Classification of devices and needles.

4. Organization of the master's workplace.

5. Safety of the master and the client: aseptic and antiseptic. Disinfection and sterilization.

6. Review of the skin structure.

7. Features of the skin healing after the procedure of the permanent make-up.

8. Skin care after the permanent make-up procedure.

9. Adverse effects associated with the permanent make-up procedure.


2d Day - 10.00 - 16.00 – Powder Brow.

Theoretical part:

1. Basics of coloristics. Selection and perception of color. Work with paints.

2. Palette of pigments. Chemical composition of pigments. Possible color changes depending on the pigmented zone.

3. Basics of the make-up: linear rhythm, peculiarities of the eyebrow shape construction taking into account the shape of the face.

Practical part:

Drawing a sketch of the eyebrows on a latex mold.


3d Day - 10.00 - 16.00 – Powder Brow.

Practical part:

1. Work with the device on latex:

* hand positioning on latex;

* practicing the technique of stroke with a device;

* main techniques of performing the permanent make-up on latex;

* performance of a Powder eyebrow on latex.

2. Demonstration by the teacher of the technique of performing the permanent make-up of eyebrows on the model.


4th Day - 10.00 - 16.00 – Powder Brow.

Practical part:

1. Performance of the permanent make-up of the eyebrows (powder spraying) on the models under the guidance of the teacher.

*** Each student is provided with one model without permanent make-up and one model with permanent make-up for the procedure of correction.

2. Correction of mistakes.

5th Day- 10.00-16.00 - Powder Brow

Practical part:

1. Performance of the permanent make-up of the eyebrows (powder spraying) on the models under the guidance of the teacher.
***Each student is provided with one model without permanent make-up
2. Creating photos and wideos for social media and for advertising

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Teacher of course

Kasianchuk Oleh
Kasianchuk Oleh
about master

about master

• Beautician with medical education, eyebrow artist, master in permanent make-up and laser technologies.
• International trainer-teacher in permanent make-up and laser technologies.
• Participant of international and world championships in permanent make-up, visage.
• Cosmetologist, permanent make-up artist, makeup artist-stylist with over 4 years of experience.
• Certified specialist of the KODI PROFESSIONAL International Training Center for Cosmetology and Aesthetics.

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