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PMU. Advanced Course for the Permanent Make-up Artists Lips. Lipstick effect

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Do you know that you can shape the lip contour in those places where it was strictly forbidden before? During the author's course of Inna Ovcharenko, you can easily master this new technique, learn how to fill the lip body with dense paint quickly and efficiently. The teacher, using their vast experience, will share with you their personal experience in drawing a sketch, creating additional volumes and choosing colors according to the client's color type. The course is designed for the masters with experience or for the masters who have completed the basic course on the permanent eyebrow make-up. Consumables are provided by the Training Center. At the end of the course, you will get an international diploma and an ID certificate. On the day of the course, a discount is provided on the purchase of materials. At the end of the course, each student receives a pleasant gift by Kodi Professional.

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Curriculum of course

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Theoretical and practical part - 10:00-15:00

Coffee break - 12.00-12.30

  • Study of the face and the lips skin structure.
  • Varieties of needles and their use in various permanent make-up techniques.
  • Selection of pigment according to the color type.
  • Drawing a sketch of the lips, working with asymmetry.
  • Technique for filling the contour and body of the lips.
  • Demonstration of technique by the teacher on the model.
  • Practicing the technique by students on the model.


Awarding of international diplomas and ID-certificates. Presenting gifts by Kodi Professional.

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Ovcharenko Inna
Ovcharenko Inna
about master

about master

International instructor and teacher of KODI PROFESSIONAL, technologist in the area of permanent makeup, judge of international championships of permanent makeup and microblading, speaker of international congresses, developer of own methods for PM.

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