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Basic course in permanent make-up (language en)

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A permanent make-up artist is one of the most actual professions in the beauty industry in 2023. The Kodi Professional Academy offers an informative intensive course for training the permanent make-up artists from scratch. The program includes blocks with theory, demonstration and practical skills development, as well as homework. The learning process is built on close communication with an experienced trainer who will share personal secrets and tell you about all the intricacies of the work. The trainer will help to hone the necessary skills to automatism and achieve perfection in the profession. For successful learning, all information is presented in the form of clear diagrams and step-by-step algorithms. The permanent make-up artist profession is popular and in demand on all continents. It will help you realize your talent in the beauty industry and earn good money.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

DURATION - Option 1.
Complete basic course of permanent make-up (duration 5 days).

DURATION - Option 2.
Basic course for powder eyebrows as part of a 5-day course (duration 3 days).

Day 1 — Powder Eyebrows

Theoretical part:
Classification of instruments and needles.
Introduction to the structure of the skin. Anesthesia.
Peculiarities of skin healing after permanent make-up.
Skin care after permanent make-up procedure.
Side effects associated with the permanent make-up procedure.

Практическая часть:

1. Practicing a stroke with a pencil on a sheet of paper.
2. Creating the effect of light and shadow on a sheet of paper using the pencil stroke technique.
3. Drawing a sketch.

Day 2 — Powder Eyebrows

Теоретическая часть:
Fundamentals of color science. Choice and perception of color. Work with paints.
Palette of pigments. Chemical composition of pigments. Possible color changes depending on the pigmented area.
Basics of make-up: linear rhythm, features of building the shape of the eyebrows, taking into account the shape of the face.

Practical part:
Working with the device on latex:
setting hands on latex;
working out the stroke technique with the device;
basic techniques for performing permanent make-up on latex;
performance of powder eyebrows on latex.

Day 3 — Powder Eyebrows

Practical part:
1. Demonstration of technique by the trainer on the model.
2. Permanent make-up of eyebrows (powder coloring) by a student on models under the guidance of a trainer.
*** Each student is given one model to practice.
3. Correction of mistakes

Day 4 - Lips: Natural Volume

Theoretical part:
Features of color science when working with KODI PROFESSIONAL lip pigments.
Needle selection. Features of the needle configuration.
Analysis of the shape and color of the client's lips. Drawing a sketch.
Saturation rules.
Step-by-step formula for performing the Natural Volume technique.

Practical part:
Practicing the Natural Volume technique on a mannequin.
Demonstration of the Natural Volume technique by the trainer on the model.
Practicing the Natural Volume technique by students on a model.
Correction of mistakes.

Day 5 - Eyes: Lash Line Enhancement

Theoretical part:
Features of color science in working with pigments for the eyes when performing permanent make-up of the eyelids.
Eyes: structure, danger zones, procedure steps.
Drawing a sketch according to the linear rhythm and features of the shape of the eyes.
Step-by-step formula for the technique of the Lash Line Enhancement.
Needle selection. Features of needles setting for working with eyelids.

Practical part:
Demonstration by the trainer of the Lash Line Enhancement technique on the model.
Students practicing the Lash Line Enhancement technique on a model.
Correction of mistakes.

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Basic course in permanent make-up (language en)
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Ovcharenko Inna
Ovcharenko Inna
about master

about master

International instructor and teacher of KODI PROFESSIONAL, technologist in the area of permanent makeup, judge of international championships of permanent makeup and microblading, speaker of international congresses, developer of own methods for PM.

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