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Express modeling of nails with EASY DUO GEL

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The course is designed for practicing masters with experience. Training. On the course, you will learn how to carry out french modeling of short nails without substitution of forms, which will significantly reduce the time of the procedure. A new look at modeling short nails. Learn how to model the perfect short fourier service with us!

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:


  1. Acquaintance with the acrylic-gel system Easy Duo Gel Kodi Professional.
  2. Overview of brushes and nozzles.
  3. Anatomy of the nails.
  4. Architecture modeled nails.
  5. Incremental computation material.
  6. Scheme sawdust.


  1. Performing a french simulation in the form of a square on a model (one model is provided for two students).

17.00 - presentation of diplomas

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You will need:

Brush for acrylic molding 1005
Nozzles for a milling cutter (available during training)
If you dont have any instruments - you can buy it in our store!

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