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Course “Hardware Manicure and Perfect Gel Polish Coating»

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A lot of specialists have already mastered the technique of hardware manicure. Don’t fall behind! Always strive to be the best! Master and practice the technique of hardware manicure and you will significantly shorten the time spent on manicure. This kind of manicure has long been popular in Europe. As compared to the classic manicure in case of the hardware manicure only dead skin cells are scraped off by an electric nail file machine, therefore, it is considered to be less traumatic. The absence of cutting tools makes the hardware manicure as delicate as possible and minimizes the risk of infection. After completion of the course, you’ll have a clear step-by-step scheme of the hardware manicure performance. A clear algorithm for selecting different nozzles and speed of their rotation, learn to put the hand in correct position, when work with the device. You will also learn how to align the nail plate, so that the nails will look even more beautiful, and the manicure will be more comfortable, to cover the nails as close to the cuticle as possible, which will significantly prolong the manicure wearing.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:


  1. Material science (rules of using the electric nail file machine, its characteristics, types of nozzles).

  2. Anatomy of nails.

  3. Health protection and disinfection. What? Why? How?

  4. Organizing the work place.

  5. Technique of hardware manicure.



  1. Performing the hardware manicure on model.

  2. Aligning the nail plate.

  3. Covering the nails with gel polish maximum close to the cuticle.

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You will need:

Small striper brush
Brush 00
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