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Nude make- up with the transformation into Hollywood

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Hollywood makeup is distinguished by its clarity, contrast, brightness and expressiveness.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

Nud make- up with the transformation into Hollywood

  1. All necessary products for Nud make-up

  2. Main rules of Nud make-up :

             a) Shining skin

             b) Correct eyebrows

             c) Face correction

             d) Eyelashes and lips

Nude makeup is universal. It is perfect for women of different ages and with any hair color.

It is very simple to perform a day make-up in the Nud style, its main goal is to preserve naturalness, but at the same time to hide flaws with the help of light color cosmetics.

3. Make-up transformation

4. Hollywood makeup style

            a) Ровный тон лица

            b) Expressive cheekbones

            c) Bright lips

            d) In expressive clear arrow on the eyes

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