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Level up course "Bride 2019"

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The master class is designed for working masters and beginners. Includes theoretical and practical parts. At the end of the workshop, the master masters the skills of applying wedding make-up, and also reveals the functions and features of using the latest cosmetics, methods of applying and selecting colors, and learn the rules of facial skin care and its preparation before applying make-up.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

Theoretical part

  1. Wedding makeup, its features and nuances.
  2. The main trends in the makeup of the modern bride. Overview of decorative cosmetics and brushes Kodi Professional.
  3. Preparation of the skin for applying makeup.
  4. The technique of mixing tones. The combination of dry and cream textures. Correct face correction.
  5. Eye makeup resistant textures. A harmonious combination of contrasting shades. Optimum intensity for photo and video.
  6. Use false eyelashes.
  7. Psychological aspects of working with the bride.
  8. Pricing and self-presentation.

 Practical part

  1. Demonstration by the teacher of the bride's makeup on the model.
  2. Questions and answers.

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