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Lash & brow product demo

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Master class on KODI PROFESSIONAL products for eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling

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You Will Learn:


  1. Materials and tools required for eyelash extensions.
  2. Tools used in eyebrow correction.
  3. Rules for work with the materials for the eyebrows bleaching and tinting with cream tints, for tinting with henna.
  4. Eyebrow shaping with decorative cosmetics.
  5. Stages of the procedure for the eyelash bio curling and eyebrow bio fixation:
    • work with reusable silicone curlers;
    • features of work with different types of eyelashes;
    • determination of the natural eyelashes condition and timing of exposure of special agents.
  6. Rules for application of semi-permanent mascara

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Anna Tovmach
Anna Tovmach
about master

about master

Brow expert, lash expert,  makeup artist.


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