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Basic course "Classic Eyelash Extensions"

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The course is meant for the masters who have no experience of work with the eyelash extensions. Course duration is 2 days (10.00 am - 3.30 pm). In the end a certificate, which proves completion of the master class from Kodi Professional, is given.

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Curriculum of course

You Will Learn:

Training plan (1st Day)

  1. Presentation of the Kodi Professional products. Materials and instruments for the eyelash extensions.
  2. Safety regulations and hygiene of process. Organization of a work place.
  3. Types of eyelash extensions.
  4. Natural eyelash growth. Life cycle.
  6. Practicing on a latex mold.


Training plan (2d Day)

  1. Consolidation of learned material.
  2. Eye modeling with a help of curls and lengths, depending on its shape and setting.
  3. Process of eyelash correction and removal.
  4. Work order.
  6. Practicing on a model.

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Teacher of course

Irina Bogush (Khmelnitsky)
Irina Bogush (Khmelnitsky)
about master

about master

Leading teacher of eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling at TC "Viva", Khmelnitsky.

· Technologist teacher of TM "KODI PROFESSIONAL", Kyiv.

· Certified teacher of TM "KODI PROFESSIONAL", "Vivienne".

· Developer of the programs for volume eyelash extensions, as well as for improvement of skills in the classic eyelash extensions for practicing masters.

· Designer of the author's eyelash extension technique "Kim Kardashian's effect".

· Developer of the eyebrow modeling course "Magic of Look".

· Developer and teacher of the manual program.

· Shadow technique of manual biotattoo.

· Permanent participant of the exhibitions and teacher at the master classes at the Kodi Professional stand.

· Participant of the International Conference LashBoom 2014.

· Participant and winner of the international eyelash extension competitions since 2012:

1. "Golden Lion", Lviv.

2. "Luxury Lashes and Brow", Odessa.

3. Gold winner of the Ukrainian Eyelash Extension Championship, Kiev Cup, in the nomination of eyelashes decoration and creation of image.

· Acting multiple judge at the international eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling competitions since 2014.

· Trainer of the TC “Viva” team, on classic and volume eyelash extensions.

· Lecturer at the visiting MC in Europe.

· Master with experience of more than 10 years.

· Judge at the World Eyelash Championships IBF 2017 and 2018.

· Winner of the IBF Award for the best eyelash extension school (2018).

· Winner of the Viridiland Award for the best eyelash extension coach (2019).

· Two-time winner of the BeautyWest 2017 and 2018 Championship Cups, the best teacher of the TC "Viva" team.

· Speaker of the Congress “Top Lash Camp” 2018, Romania.

· Judge at the competition for eyelash extensions “Meet” 2018, city of Odessa.

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